The shur-loc® Endurance Experience

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For 30 years, screen printers from around the world have trusted shur-loc® frames and fabric panels to create their best screen prints. From amazing t-shirts to circuit boards, shur-loc® fabric panels provide the standard in tension and longevity that all other screen frames are measured by, None of this, however, would be possible without visionaries like you. Without challenging the status quo, printers around the world would still be printing on wooden frames that they stretch by hand. Without pioneers, four-color process jobs would never have existed. Without you, the people that use our products, our 30 year heritage would mean nothing. We cannot thank you enough for helping us help printers become more efficient and profitable than ever before. From our original fabric panels to our latest creation that you now have in your hands, the shur-loc® team will always strive to create the next tool you need to print even better.

The Endurance Fabric Panel

The Endurance Fabric Panel is the culmination of over 30 years of design and industry expertise. It is the answer to the expensive costs of tapes, glues, equipment and mesh fragility. Looking at the panel from the inside out, it doesn't appear to be anything more than another piece of mesh, but it is far from being just mesh. We've taken bold steps in the design and construction of the Endurance Series that will benefit you and your shop every day. Here are just a few to get you started.

Bulletproof Edge Design

While this may seem impossible, the rip-stop like design of the Endurance Panel will virtually eliminate edge breakage of the mesh. No more using expensive tapes that are impossible to clean and cause massive issues with computer to screen equipment. The patented Endurance Connection System provides complete protection where you will slide the frame into racks and clamp it into your press. There's no need to waste anymore time or money taping your frames.

Chemically Resistant Construction

The Endurance Series Panels are also the most chemically resistant panels we have ever designed. From the chemical proof connective coating to the highly resistant locking rods, the Endurance Panel offers the most chemically resistant connection system on the market today. Combining the new Endurance Locking Strip with the Endurance Pocket,

shur-loc® Mesh Color Code System

The Endurance Series Panels continue the traditions of the original shur-loc® panel by integrating the same color coding system for easy mesh identification. The new system features an embedded stamp that clearly marks the "color" of the mesh count on the panel.

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