Making your panels last longer!

Taped fabric panel

Proper Tension

One of the biggest mistakes printers can make is falling into the ‘maximum tension’ trap. More tension does not always equal better prints. Optimal tension for the mesh you are using will give you better prints. This is the theory that is used to design every Shur-Loc® fabric panel. When mesh is overtensioned, the threads quickly lose their elasticity and begin to break down. Keeping mesh at the proper tension level will help you avoid this premature breakage.

Watch your chemicals

There are a number of chemicals that should never be used with Shur-Loc® panels. Most of these have active ingredients that include: “tones” like Acetone or Keytone, MEK, napthas, esters, ethers or toulene. These chemicals attach the PVC strips on the edge of the panel and can casue them to soften or swell. Once this happens, the adhesive inside the panel may fail, causing the mesh to release. It’s also important to watch for alkalines being left on the mesh. Many dehazers and degreasers contain alkalines to help clean the mesh more efficiently. These types of cleaners will leave a white residue on the mesh that will slowly cause pinholes to develop in the panel. Once the threads becomes weak enough, they will break. You can avoid this by lightly spraying down your mesh with a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water.