Should I use yellow or white mesh?

One of the most common questions we get asked by screen printers everywhere is which color mesh is right? White mesh has not been dyed. Yellow, Amber or Orange colored meshes have been dyed. The dye in the colored mesh prevents light from travelling through the threads as easily while exposing. White mesh can be exposed more easily with a weaker light source, but may not have the same stencil edge quality as an equivalent yellow mesh. The darker the dye color, the longer the mesh will take to expose. The dye colors may vary by brand, but the end result is the same for each of them.

Generally, white mesh is used on lower mesh counts with thicker thread diameters. Yellow mesh is more commonly found in higher thread counts and thinner thread diameters. Mesh counts under 110 are usually found only in white. Mesh counts from 110 to 200 are often found in both white and yellow. From 230 and above, most meshes are only available in a dyed coloring.

For the most part, either white or yellow mesh will print well for most users. The question of which one is right for you could be as simple as looking at the job you are doing and deciding which one will work best for your needs. Either way, Shur-LocĀ® has a vast selection to fit every need.

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