What size and style roller frame do I have?

Roller frames are the most common type of retensionable frame on the market today. Of course, not all roller frames are created equal, nor are they all the same. With this guide, you can determine what size and style of frame you have very quickly. Once you know what you have, you can choose the best Shur-Loc® Fabric Panel for your needs.

How do I measure my frame?

Each style of roller frame has a tab on the corner that sticks out past the tube. When measuring your frame size, you will want to measure from this tab to the opposite tab or to the end of the square bar (if equipped) on the opposite side.

What’s the difference between an M3TM and an MZXTM?

The most common roller frame on the market is the Newman® Roller Frame. Although the Newman® Roller Frame is manufactured in three tube diameters, the two most common styles are MZXTM or M3TM in most textile printing shops.

M3TM Newman® Roller Frame

The M3TM style frame features a sturdier construction that allows the frame to achieve higher tensions than the lighter weight MZXTMframe. The corner of the M3TM is much larger (3.5” from corner to corner) and the heavier duty bolts require a 3/4” socket to be tightened. The M3TM frame is designed to take extreme tensions by carrying a maximum recommended tension of 85 Newtons. Typically, the M3TM frame will come in sizes from 23x31 to 36x36. Some custom sizes will reach even larger dimensions.

MZXTM  Newman® Roller Frame

The MZXTM  style frame functions the same way as the M3TM  frame does, but features a lighter weight design and comes in smaller sizes than the M3TM . The MZXTM  frame is designed for tensions below 45 Newtons. Well within the range that most textile printers need for great prints. Typically MZXTM  frames range from 18x20 to 23x31 in size.

Not all roller frames have 4 rollers...

Smaller MZXTM style frames can come in two different styles. The smallest sizes of MZXTM style frames are usually used on manual style presses and feature a square bar on one end to provide a flat surface to clamp to. Larger sizes feature 4 rollers that are more commonly used on automatic presses that have side clamp mechanisms. The most common sizes of square bar roller frames are 18x20 (inside dimension), 23x26, 23x28 and 23x31 (outside dimesion).

Know Your Corners

There are numerous styles of roller frames that have been made over the years. By knowing what the corner of your’s looks like, you can save yourself quite a bit of frustration. Below is an image with some of the more popular styles of roller frames. If you don’t see your’s, don’t worry we can help. Just shoot us an email with an image of your corner and size and we will help you determine the style.

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