Why should I use Shur-Loc® Panels?

shur-loc Fabric Panels

The biggest benefit is better prints.

One of the most overlooked tools in many shops is the frames and mesh that is used to print most jobs. Whether someone has invested thousands in roller frames or is still using wooden frames with 10N fabrics on them, almost everyone will agree that good quality prints start with consistent screens. With a Shur-Loc mesh panel, we precision cut the shape of the mesh to match the optimal tension for the mesh that is being used. This means perfect softening, tight corners and just enough deflection curve built into the mesh to keep that frame performing at its best for as long as possible. Simply put, Shur-Loc panels go on faster, easier and last longer than any other mesh system on the planet. This means the best possible prints, longer press times and more money in pocket.

Don’t panels cost way more than static frames or bolt mesh?

While panels may look more expensive when you compare them to mesh by the yard, there are quite a few other costs associated with bolt mesh that most users forget about. When traditionally stretching, users need locking strips, mesh clips, special tools and quite a bit of wasted mesh. It’s also wise to factor in the additonal time and shipping costs of bolt mesh verses panels as well. Your stretching department can also tenison frames in a faction of the time that it takes with bolt mesh. Once you add up all the factors, that “more expensive” panel doesn’t cost so much more than bolt mesh.

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