FREE SAMPLE - 23x31 M3 Endurance Fabric Panel

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This item is out of stock
This item is out of stock
This item is out of stock

--  SOLD OUT - Check back for future offers soon!  --

Thank you to everyone that requested a free sample of our 23x31 M3 Endurance Fabric Panel. We are currently out of stock on our sample panels. 

Want to try the latest breakthrough product in the screen industry? We've made it about as easy as stretching an "E-Z" frame at a cost that you can't argue with - FREE! Your sample panel will include one fabric panel and one set of locking strips for use with a 23x31 M3 size frame.

Pick your mesh count: 110/80, 160/64 or 225/48

We do the rest - including shipping your Endurance Panel Sample directly to you to try out on your frame. It's that simple.

-  Ultra-chemical resistant and reusable locking strips won't release under any printing conditions.
-  Virtually eliminates edge breakage - including damage to the mesh caused by clamps.
-  Provides a more consistent print area inside of the protective barrier that surrounds the mesh.
-  More consistent print areas with pre-softening and deflection curve is built-in to every panel.
-  Precision cut mesh panels ensure the straightest thread lines possible.
-  Available in most popular mesh counts from 60/120 to 300/34 with more mesh counts being added.

Endurance Series Panels are available for 23x31 M3, 23x31 E-Z, 20x24 E-Z and 25x36 E-Z frames. Additional mesh counts, frame sizes and styles are coming soon.