• Accelerator X Turntable And Base


    The Accelerator X Turntable turns the most accurate tensioning system in the world into one of the fastest tensioning systems on the planet. By allowing you to stay in one position, the turntable speeds the tensioning process along and allows you to get the perfect tension on your roller frames every time, in less time. The Accelerator X Turntable is predrilled for many popular sizes and styles of roller frames. These sizes include: MZX Square Bar - 18x20, 23x26, 23x28 - MZX 23x31 - M3 23x31.*

    * - Additional sizes may be added for $30 per size/style. Please specify custom sizes in the text box below when placing your order. Custom sized tables are not refundable.

    This is an oversized, heavyweight item. Additional shipping charges may be applied to this item.