• CLEARANCE - NEWMAN Roller Mesh N128 Fabric Panels for 23x31 M3 Roller Frames

    $25.88 $21.99

    Newman® Roller Mesh has always been considered one of the most durable meshes available. From the incredible tension ratings to the wide range of mesh counts, Roller Mesh is a favorite among many printers in the industry. While we normally do not stock this mesh, we have stocked it in the past for certain customers. Unfortunately for us, we found a substantial stockpile of the N128 fabrics for the 23x31 M3 Roller Frame in our clearance section that need to find a home on your frames. These N128 fabrics are top of the line, without any mistakes or errors, we just don't regularly stock this mesh. The savings are all yours on these great panels!

    Limited Supply Available.