PANEL OF THE WEEK - 225Y Murakami for 23x31 E-Z

$28.50 $21.50

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If you want to stock up and save 20%-40% on shur-loc® quality products, you've found the right place. This week we're featuring the Murakami 160 Yellow mesh panel for the 23x31 shur-loc® E-Z Frame. Save big on one of our most popular fabric panels!

Product Specs:

- 225 mesh is commonly used for highlights, text and even some medium detail halftones.

- It is designed to be used between 26 and 41 N/cm2 with the optimal tension near 30-35N.

- The 48 micron thread holds tension extremely well and the low-elongation Murakami threads are extremely durable.

- Mesh Opening: 65 microns - Open Area: 33% - TIV: 24 cm3/m2